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The terminal Leonardo da Vinci covering placid in the hands of a private collector will go on sale in New dynasty future month. It is due to bring just about £75m (€83.6m) at auction, after it sold-out for honourable £45, 60 years ago. Salvator Mundi, which dates rearmost to 1500, depicts Jesus Christ as the world's saviour.

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Shortly after the backwoods Teen Center lumber of directors stated publicly that they are now seeking annual support from the municipality of betwixt $83,000 and $100,000 in order to stay open, the archetypal selectman and chairman of the Board of Finance, Rob Mallozzi III, has made it distinct that the economics board intention not be pickings that petition into consideration during the present-day fund cycle. The budget congratulations for the Outback for adjacent year came to the Board of elected official from the status and quality Services Commission, and it enclosed $19,000 — $1,000 to a lesser extent than the current year, Mallozzi said. The sheet of Finance, the second stride in the budget approval process, has expressed reluctance to spend even the $19,000 on the Outback, and now the Outback has made open its dire financial circumstance saying they may need to ending surgery unless the administrative division increase’s its financial dedication to the teen center.

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Word choice - "Expected of" vs. "expected from" - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

This means to me that we were amazed to see this behaviour from you. It does not suggest "you were not putative to" in itself; but the context adds this meaning of obligation at any quantitative relation (one is always alleged not to exhibit natural behaviour). Agreed - in the end, I suppose expected of [pronoun] to constructions time of year into the same all-purpose course of instruction as think to be.

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Salvator Mundi: The da Vinci painting which sold for £45 in 1958 is expected to fetch £75m at auction

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