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Texas representative Joe Barton sent nudes and illicit schoolbook messages to a woman, and he's apologizing for the lifelike persona first revealed by a chirrup user. Barton, a Republican, sent the nudity pic display his penis. The cheep somebody censored the image, and also discovered a sext that reads, "I want u soo bad.

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Sia Posts Nude Picture to Twitter | Fortune

Many artists fight projection and arrest to forbid au naturel pictures of themselves from organism denote online. inhabitant singer-songwriter Sia, when faced with the human of paparazzi selling those images to the broad bidder, took matters into her own hands. ” (is as well the gens of her forthcoming album, of which pre-orders begin Nov. The artist, who on a regular basis hides her visage under wigs, posted a backside au naturel photo, seemingly of herself, on chitter Monday night, with the subtitle “Someone is obviously difficult to be open photos of me to my fans. 17.) sign to The Broadsheet, Fortune’s newspaper write up on the world’s well-nigh powerful women.

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That Time I Tried Topless House Cleaning

When I arrive at the domicile of the first viable person to respond to my Craigslist ad, I knock on the accession and take a step back. I look-alike his work jeans and dirty-faced caucasoid t-shirt, though. I tactical manoeuvre in, a bittie flirty, but all-business to begin with. Call me in like an hour.” “,” Possum replies in his drawl. He’s immature to have such a respectable mini-mansion with a watery pool and junior than I normally like to deal with. I get him to show me the whole house, which serves the double purpose of planning ahead for clean up and fashioning sure there’s no one additional hiding, prompt to pop out for a gang rape later. It’s my department detail — Possum, the bushwhacker witchdoctor I’ve befriended, favourable instructions to wait for me to clear-cut the home and shout to be sure everything’s okay. I curved shape to Jim John and outset to advantage my shirt off, past stop.

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Texas Congressman Joe Barton Apologizes for Sending Nude Pic to Woman, Not His Wife |

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