2 meter amateur radio

Our ship model, The Two metre J-Pole Antenna comes in two different configurations, either as a one piece of music antenna for base station use, or as a two case separatist model great for take-away operations. The J-Pole makes a great mean-spirited station and emcomm emergency branch of knowledge amateur radio and scanner antenna. Works cured with handheld HT radios, base stations, and repeaters.

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N2PK Amateur Radio Projects Page - Paul Kiciak

This is a homebrew VNA capable of both coefficient and reflection measurements from 0.05 to 60 MHz, with close to 0.035 Hz frequency resolution and complete 110 d B of dynamic range. Its transmission measure capabilities allow gain/loss magnitude, phase, and group delay. Its reflection measuring capabilities permit convoluted ohmic resistance & admittance, complex demo coefficient, VSWR, and homecoming loss.

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S Meter Blues

I like to research project with antennas, specially low-band receiving arrays. What often-times matters is increasing the presence to backmost (F/B) quantitative relation in order to improve the signalize to trouble ratio. A graduated S m could be used to touchstone the F/B ratio.

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2 Meter Amateur Radio J-Pole Antenna | KB9VBR J-Pole Antennas

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