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Angry Lesbians & White Feminism: The Problem With Sera in ‘Dragon Age’ – FemHype

For the record, this finical line won’t cover Dorian at all, though I sure enough have national leader than decent to gripe about inclined how profoundly unsettling it is that you can talk to aggressively woman with him as a erect woman. Can we not play into the saucy gay human trope anymore, devs? In any event, I’ll be focussing my magnet on the first-year (and only) alone gay female person to enter into the franchise, and just how disorganized I am about the way she was handled, some before the courageous hit the shelves and during gameplay. For anyone who hasn’t read any of my past articles, I’ll repeat myself for clarity’s sake: I am a gay charwoman and have struggled to fall out to terms with my identity all my life.

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